Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Net Ping's rapid update to version 1.4

I published an update to Net Ping in a mere 24 hours from the previous update.  I was reluctant to publish an update so soon, but I discovered a bug that I thought warranted a fix ASAP.  
While I was publishing the update, I went ahead and fixed a problem with the Settings screen.  In version 1.3, the small-print text (known as the summary to developers), was blank whenever a user first started up Net Ping.  Altering a setting would bring back that little descriptive line of text.  Well, I found out what I had done wrong in 1.3, and now, all's well in 1.4. 
  1. Optional continuous mode: Pinging is continues until the app is dismissed, and pinging resumes when you reopen the app. (1.3)

  1. Fixed a Force Close problem when the stopping ping from the menu. (1.3)
  2. Setting descriptions are now correct when you run Net Ping for the first time. In 1.3, they were inadvertently blank. (1.4)
  3. When network connectivity is lost, and you are using the continuous ping, Net Ping will wait at least one second before pinging again. (1.4)  This was the reason for the immediate update.

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